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Luxembourg: Time off for job search

Phase: Management
Time off for job search
Last modified: 18 June, 2021
Native name:

Code du travail

English name:

Labour Code


L. 124-8


During the notice period, the employee can request special leave of a maximum of six days in order to look for a new job.

Employees are entitled to be paid during this special leave if they register with the public employment service (ADEM) and prove that they have applied for a job (i.e. the employee must justify the time spent outside the workplace). 


According to interviews with social partners, the use of leave for job search purposes seems not to be discouraged by employers. However, in some sectors, as the financial sector, dismissed employees who are entitled to a notice period are often invited by the employer to stay at home during the notice period instead of working. In other cases, some employers may ask the employee for proof that he/she was job hunting during leave period (for example by asking a written statement from potential employers with whom the employee on leave has done a job interview). Additionally, the arrangement of being granted leave for job search figures often as a condition in the social plan in cases of collective dismissals (dismissal of 7 employees within 30 days, or 15 employees within 90 days).

Cost covered by
  • Employer
Involved actors other than national government
  • Public employment service
No, applicable in all circumstances
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