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Sweden: Public authorities information and consultation on dismissals

Phase: Anticipation
Public authorities information and consultation on dismissals
Last modified: 17 August, 2017
Native name:

Lag (1974:13) om vissa anställningsfrämjande åtgärder

English name:

Promotional Measures Act (1974:13)


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If more than five employees are to be made redundant, or if 20 employees are expected to be made redundant over a 90-day period, notice of collective redundancies must be given to the Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) within certain time limits, defined with respect to the number of employees concerned:

  • at least two months before the first employee leaves their employment, if fewer than 25 employees are affected (terminated) by the restructuring process;
  • at least four months, if 25–100 employees are affected;
  • and at least six months, if more than 100 employees are affected.

The primary reason for this measure is for the public authorities to be able to take action to reduce the economic and social consequences at regional level.

The notice given to the Public Employment Service should include all relevant information about the planned redundancies and especially contain information on the following:
1. The reasons for the planned redundancies.
2. The number of employees to be made redundant and to which categories they belong.
3. The number of workers normally employed and their categories.
4. The time the production cutbacks are to be carried out and the period over which the redundancies are intended to be enforced.

Once notice is given to the Public Employment Service, it offers regular counselling to the employees that may be redundant.


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Involved actors other than national government
  • Public employment service
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