The Foundation maintains a long-standing commitment to the issue of equal opportunities for women and men in their social and working life. In recent years, the Foundation has devoted even greater attention to gender-based inequalities, including the gender pay gap, through studies on equal opportunities, through its European Working Conditions surveys, and by mainstreaming a gender perspective across its other activities.

Despite advances in women’s employment in recent years, Europe’s labour markets and workplaces remain largely unequal, and the gender pay gap is still important. Previous research on equal opportunities and collective bargaining is still relevant today. It is widely believed that employment levels in Europe will not increase unless we solve the issues of care for children and the elderly, and improve working time options that promote better work-life balance for both women and men.


  • European working conditions surveys
    The surveys highlight gender differences, in terms of employment rates, working time patterns, gender segregation regarding occupation, different industrial sectors and employment states, and differentials in pay and income between men and women.
  • EurWORK
    EurWORK gathers all Eurofound's resources on working conditions and industrial relations, and is supported by a network of European correspondents across all EU Member States and Norway.
  • Case studies: Attractive workplaces - Innovative company strategies for growth and jobs
    Company practices and human resource policies can promote women’s activity in the workplace by dismantling horizontal and vertical gender segregation.