Fairbnb (Cooperative)

Fairbnb is a platform for short-term holiday rentals that aims at establishing a sustainable model of tourism. Similar to other platforms, it charges a commission for every booking. However, only 50% of this commission is used for platform maintenance while the rest of the funds are used to finance a project of (the customer’s) choice in the area that is being visited. In this way, the platform aims to make sure that the profits are benefiting the local community (in this context, it is referring to ‘community powered tourism’).  

The platform was invented by a group of activists, coders, researchers and designers. It is collectively owned by users and affected parties (hosts, guests, locals and local business owners). As a cooperative, it is governed through a democratic decision-making processes determining how the platform will be run in the respective neighbourhood. Fairbnb also cooperates with local governments to promote regulations that encourage sustainable tourism. 


  • Initiative
  • Code of conduct, standards
  • Italy
  • Platform, Worker
  • Yes
  • accommodation
  • On-location client-determined routine work
  • Fairbnb
  • platform cooperatives
  • 2022
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