Around 0.3 per cent of Finns earned at least a quarter of their income through digital platforms in 2017

In 2017, around 0.3 per cent of Finns aged 15 to 74 years had earned at least one-quarter of their income through various digital platforms during the previous 12 months. In numbers, this involves around 14,000 persons. A digital platform here refers to various online platforms through which a person can sell his or her work input or otherwise earn income. Data on persons working through platforms were collected for the first time in connection with Statistics Finland’s Labour Force Survey in 2017.

Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Labour force survey [e-publication]. ISSN=1798-7857. Platform Jobs 2017. Helsinki: Statistics Finland.


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  • income, worker characteristics, worker demographics
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  • Statistics Finland (Research institute)
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  • 2018
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