Solving the ‘Gig-saw’? Collective Rights and Platform Work

There are few topics in contemporary labour law scholarship that have generated more literature than work in the so-called ‘platform economy’. To date, much work has focussed on the question of defining the personal scope of the employment relationship and on the problems of using existing classifications of employment status in the context of work organised via platforms. This article seeks to address the much less-discussed issue of how collective bargaining may function in the ‘platform economy’, and the role of collective labour law actors, most notably the social partners. The article argues that, rather than focussing on individual employment status and litigation, it is by developing a regulatory framework supportive of, and that involves key stakeholders in, strong sectoral collective bargaining that work in the ‘platform economy’ can be adequately regulated to the benefit of workers, business and the State.

Doherty, M., Franca, V., Solving the ‘Gig-saw’? Collective Rights and Platform Work. Industrial Law Journal, No. dwz026, 2019.


  • EU28
  • 2019
  • Research publication
  • representation, industrial relations, social dialogue
  • English
  • Industrial Law Journal (Publisher)
  • Qualitative research
  • Subscription
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