Montserrat Mir, Confederal Secretary of the ETUC, visits Eurofound

Ms Montserrat Mir, recently elected Confederal Secretary of the European Trade Union Congress (ETUC) visited Eurofound today. Ms Mir met with Eurofound’s Director Juan Menéndez-Valdés and senior staff, gaining insights into the cost of the gender employment gap, the gender dimension of working conditions, and access to social protection. 

Ms Mir was elected in early October 2015, and is the first Spanish person to hold the position of Confederal Secretary. Her mandate spans the coming four years, and she has set the objectives of increasing the visibility of ETUC in European affairs, strengthening the voice of workers in Europe, and helping trade unions at national level to interact and put forward their concerns to the EU level decisions makers in Brussels. Ms Mir is aware that the economic downturn has eroded the rights of workers in many ways, but also acknowledges that the situation has improved in many areas over the past year.

ETUC is formally represented in Eurofound’s Governing Board by Mr Peter Sheerer, Deputy General Secretary of ETUC, and Aline Hoffmann of the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI).

Photo caption. From left to right: Ms Montserrat Mir, Confederal Secretary, ETUC; Juan Menéndez-Valdés, Director, Eurofound; Agnés Parent-Thirion, Senior Programme Manager, Eurofound; Barbara Gerstenberger, Coordinator Directorate, Eurofound; Massimiliano Mascherini, Research Manager, Eurofound; Cristina Arigho, Event Coordinator, Eurofound.

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