National Fund for Energy Efficiency

Phase: Anticipation
  • Transition to a climate-neutral economy
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Fondo Nazionale Efficienza Energetica (FNEE)

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National fund for energy efficiency


The national energy efficiency fund (FNEE) supports energy efficiency measures carried out by businesses, including Energy Service Companies (ESCos), and by the public administration, on buildings, plants and production processes.

Specifically, the interventions supported must concern:

  • the reduction of energy consumption in industrial processes,
  • the construction and expansion of district heating networks,
  • the efficiency of public services and infrastructures, including public lighting;
  • the energy requalification of buildings.

Main characteristics

A fund has been set up to support energy efficiency interventions performed by enterprises on buildings, machinery and production plants. Interventions must fit under the eleigibility criteria described above.

The fund operates through:

  • guarantees for individual financing operations;
  • subsidised loans for investments, for sums equal to no more than 70 % of eligible costs, with a 0.25 % fixed interest rate and a maximum duration of 10 years, as well as a usage and pre-amortisation period no longer than three years.

The concessions granted to companies can be combined with contribution or financial concessions provided for by other EU, national and regional regulations within the limits of the de minimis regulation where applicable, or within the maximum aid intensities permitted by current European Union legislation in state aid.

The subsidised loans can range between a minimum of €250,000 and a maximum of €4,000,000. The overall budget is €310 million.

The management of the fund is entrusted to the public agency Invitalia on the basis of a special agreement with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of the Environment and of the Protection of the Territory and the Sea. 

Applications are evaluated within 60 days from the submission date, the submission is open since 20 May 2019.


  • National funds

Involved actors

National government
Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of the Environment, Invitalia (National Agency for Inward Investment and Economic Development - Ministry of Economy)


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