Program Czech Rise Up – Smart solutions to combat COVID-19

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  • response to COVID-19
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Program Czech Rise Up – Chytrá opatření proti COVID-19

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Programme Czech Rise Up – Smart solutions to combat COVID-19


The recipient of support can only be an entrepreneur or a research organisation that is listed as research organisation (according to § 33a of act no. 130/2002 Coll. on the support of research, experimental development and innovation from public funds, as amended.

Companies applying for the scheme must

  • have no arrears to the state; delay in paying arrears or a settlement agreement; arrears are considered to be settled arrears for the past calendar year;
  • have no arrears due to the wage claims of its employees for the past calendar year;
  • cannot be a commercial company in which the public official, or a person controlled by them, owns a share representing at least 25% of the shareholder's participation in the company (according to act no. 159/2006 Coll., on conflicts of interest).

Main characteristics

The Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade announced the call 'The Czech Rise Up - Smart measures against Covid-19'. The objective of the programme is to support the rapid deployment of technologies and solutions, both medical and non-medical, that will assure an effective combat of COVID-19 pandemic. The programme covers operating costs of companies that plan to introduce new solutions and products against COVID-19, need to expand current production or change production focus towards manufacturing of protective equipment.

The programme sees expansion of capacities or introduction of new protective equipment solutions such as respirators and ventilators as a priority group of activities (activity A). In the second and third group of the programme (activity B and C), the funded activities are targeted at the development of medical and non-medical solutions that can help combat COVID-19 infection, including projects that can prevent further virus spread and also mitigate the consequences of the pandemic.

The subsidy is provided in the form of de minimis aid, that is the maximum amount of support is €200,000. The amount of state funds' participation in the eligible expenditure of the project ranges between 50% - 90% of the total costs, depending on the activity.

Duration of the programme: maximum 2 years or until the financial allocation has been exhausted.

The deadline was 15 May 2020, however, the second call is to be opened.


  • National funds

Involved actors

National government
Ministry of Industry and Trade - funding


Two hundred proposals were admitted in the first call. 


Very quick reaction from Ministry of Industry and Trade. The programme is based on the analysis of needs which has been made among 400 enterpreneurs between 19–24 March 2020. 


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No information available.
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