Latvia: Employees obligation to undertake training

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Employees obligation to undertake training
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Labour law




The employer has to cover expenditures associated with occupational training or the increase of qualifications as well as to retain the post of employees if he/she decides to engage in training.

If occupational training or measures to increase qualifications are regarded to be related to the work performed by the employee but do not have a decisive role in the performance of given work (i.e. rather initiated by the employee), the employer and the employee may enter into a specific agreement on the training and cost coverage. An agreement between an employer and an employee on training or measures to increase qualifications is admissible only if it presents features described in the labour law, regarding employees' consent to participate in such measures, the maximum term of agreement, the proportionality principle of restrictive conditions set by an employer and the conditions of reimbursement of the expenses. If the employee decides to quit their job during the period of agreement or if the employer gives an employee notice of termination because of specific reasons (the employee has violated the employment contract, the employee has acted against law or against good virtue in the performance of work, the employee has been in a state of alcohol, drug or toxic intoxication while performing the work, the employee has grossly violated labour protection regulations and endangered the safety and health of other persons), the employer can claim back any expenses the employer has paid for.

If the employee rejects any proposed training, this cannot serve as the reason for dismissal or other restriction of any employment rights.



After any type of job loss, including collective dismissals, a person has to register in State Employment agency to receive unemployment benefit. The Agency then also helps to find training opportunities and/or a new job. But there are no restrictions, an unemployed is not obliged to go through training.

Cost covered by
  • Employer
Involved actors other than national government
National goverment only
No, applicable in all circumstances
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