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This is available to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that have up to 250 employees and are based in the Flemish Region.

Main characteristics

The main objective of this scheme is the transfer of management skills from professional (large enterprise) managers to SME managers. A group of about 15 SME managers receive mentoring support from two managers of large companies. These mentors counsel the group on all aspects of enterprise management.

The programme consists of monthly group sessions for one year. Besides, individual support is available as well. Twice a year, the different PLATO groups (of all participating regions) come together in larger sessions.

The trajectories are organised by VOKA and the different regional chambers of commerce with government support.

There are also longer variants of the trajectory available that take up to two-years.


  • Regional funds

Involved actors

Regional/local government
Employer or employee organisations
Organised by the Chambers of Commerce.


Research of Vlerick Management School (2008) provides evidence that SMEs have more turnover growth and employment growth if they participated in PLATO.

According to the 2016 annual report of VOKA, since 1990 approximately 10,000 companies have been supported by PLATO networks. Each year approximately 1,000 company CEO's and professionals participate in the programme.


This programme provides managers with a place to share their practical experience.


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