ECS 2013 - Questionnaire translation

The English language source questionnaires for the Management interview and the Employee Representative interview of the third European Company Survey (3ECS) can be dowloaded. They were translated into the languages of the 28 EU countries and the four non-EU countries.

Below is the list of languages for each country and each questionnaire (100-500 kb pdf files): 

Survey country  Employee representative questionnaire  Management questionnaire
 Austria  German  German
 Belgium  French, Dutch  French, Dutch
 Bulgaria  Bulgarian  Bulgarian
 Croatia  Croatian  Croatian
 Cyprus  Greek  Greek
 Czech Republic  Czech  Czech
 Denmark  Danish  Danish
 Estonia  Estonian, Russian  Estonian, Russian
 Finland  Finnish, Swedish  Finnish, Swedish
 France  French  French
 Germany  German  German
 Greece  Greek  Greek
 Hungary  Hungarian  Hungarian
 Ireland  English  English
 Italy  Italian  Italian
 Latvia  Latvian, Russian  Latvian, Russian
 Lithuania  Lithuanian, Russian  Lithuanian, Russian
 Luxembourg  French, German  French, German
 Malta  Maltese, English  Maltese, English
 Netherlands  Dutch  Dutch
 Poland  Polish  Polish
 Portugal  Portuguese  Portuguese
 Romania  Romanian  Romanian
 Slovakia  Slovakian  Slovakian
 Slovenia  Slovenian  Slovenian
 Spain  Spanish, Catalan  Spanish, Catalan
 Sweden  Swedish  Swedish
 United Kingdom  English  English


 Survey country  Employee representative questionnaire  Management questionnaire
 Iceland  Icelandic  Icelandic
 FYR Macedonia  Albanian, Macedonian             Albanian, Macedonian
 Montenegro  Montenegrin  Montenegrin                        
 Turkey  Turkish  Turkish


A report on the translation process is available.