Ad-hoc information requests

In times of continual economic and societal change, Eurofound has to be able to react to new and emerging information needs of policymakers. As part of Eurofound’s drive to produce more on-demand studies and services for its main stakeholder groups, reacting to ad-hoc information requests from core stakeholders is a key activity in Eurofound’s new programming period 2021–2024

Document types

This work involves the delivery of occasional papers on selected themes in a range of formats:

  • customised reports
  • studies replying to stakeholder enquiries
  • background papers
  • contributions to publications  
  • own-initiative reports and papers
  • reports paid for by stakeholders. 

Customised reports are based either on original analysis of existing Eurofound data sources such as survey data sets, or summaries of previous Eurofound research in a given area.

See the full list of ad-hoc reports

Objectives of the service

Key objectives of this service are to ensure rapidity, flexibility, quality and efficiency in delivering customised input to meet specific needs of Eurofound stakeholders and to provide evidence on unforeseen issues requiring policy action. The provision of a particular request depends on the availability of data.

Requests are welcome from social partner organisations at European and national levels, Member State governments through their Presidencies of the European Council and the EU institutions. A selective approach will be taken based on the relevance and policy importance of requests and the resources available.

Further information

Contact: Maria Jepsen, Deputy Director.