Call for external experts

Collaboration with external experts is an integral aspect of Eurofound’s programme implementation. It has a long tradition in procuring the services from experts. In addition Eurofound has now launched the following call for expressions of interest:

Call for expressions of interest for experts

Eurofound is establishing a list of experts covering the research areas of its Programming Document 2017-2020. Experts may be asked to advise on planned research approaches and methodologies, or to carry out a peer review. Experts on the list can be invited on an ad-hoc basis over a period of maximum 5 years.

Experts will be expected to provide opinions and advice in specific cases, including - but not exclusively - through peer review of Eurofound’s own work, and assisting in the design or academic assessment of projects and tenders. When there is a requirement for expert advice of the nature outlined in the notice, Eurofound will invite one or more experts from the list based on the best match between the scope of the advice and the experts profile on the relevant shortlist, and in accordance with the principles of non-discrimination, equal treatment and absence of conflict of interests.

Update January 2021: Eurofound is currently implementing a new programme for the period 2021-2024. Its activities and policy topics are building on previous programmes. The current Call for expression of interest remains open for new applications till 24 September 2021. Please note that to date a very significant number of experts is already on the list. You may expect an update about the new Call for expression of interest near the end of quarter 2 this year.


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