Court ruling: Federation of Dutch Trade Unions (FNV) against Deliveroo on employment status

In a dispute between the Federation of Dutch Trade Unions (FNV) against the food delivery company Deliveroo, a Dutch court ruled on 15 January 2019 that Deliveroo riders should not be classified as ‘solo-self-employed' and have a right to demand an employment contract with the company. FNV argued that the relationship between Deliveroo and its riders build the foundation for an employment contract as defined in the Dutch Civil Code. Also, the average time a rider works for Deliveroo in the Netherlands (usually more than 3 months and more than 20 hours per month) indicate that a formal employment relationship is apparent. Deliveroo on the other hand argued that the requirements for a formal relationship according to the Dutch Civil Code are not met, and that FNV does not have the right to represent Deliveroo riders in court. 

ECLI: NL: RBAMS: 2019: 198


  • Court ruling
  • Netherlands
  • Yes
  • transport
  • On-location platform-determined routine work
  • Deliveroo
  • employment status
  • Dutch
  • Rechtbank Amsterdam (Judicial)
  • 2019
  • Open access
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