Foundation Seminar Series (FSS) 2016 - The impact of digitalisation on work: Building up national agendas for better implementation of digital changes - Session 2

Thu, 13/10/2016
Fri, 14/10/2016

The Foundation Seminar Series is a tripartite learning scheme organised by Eurofound and open to national representatives of governments, trade unions and employers.

Digitalisation is profoundly altering all aspects of our working lives with the potential for job creation as well as job losses. Through peer learning, workshops and plenary sessions, the 2016 Foundation Seminar Series examines the effects of the digital revolution and its impact on employment and civil society.

This first session of the Foundation Seminar Series took place in Dublin 26-27 May, providing participants with a basis to examine the topic of digitalisation and its implications for work organisation, skills at work, employment and working conditions.

The second session took place in Berlin 13-14 October and built on the progress made at the first session. A key part of the exchange in Berlin focused on national contributions that tripartite teams from the 15 participant Member States produced; these address particular aspects of their own country’s experience of digitalisation in the workplace. It also gave an opportunity for participants to hear about direct experiences from companies and sectors on the ground in a panel debate that included representatives from Hewlett Packard, BBVA, Microsoft, AGV (Insurance) and Technopolis Group.

National contributions

Background note


Programme highlights

Key quotes from speakers

'We are facing a new regime and need to think in a holistic way'  - Maria Luz Vega, Coordinator Future of Work project, ILO

'EU social model enables more gentle and collaborative change than the Silicon Valley model' - Thorben Albrecht, State Secretary BMAS

'[The] Digital Single Market is more than a technical issue: it has social and labour market impacts' - Jutta Steinruck MEP

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Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Wilhelmstraße 49, 10117 Berlin
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