Public support for job seekers whose employment is at risk

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Last modified: 14 August, 2020
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Javna pomoč za iskalce zaposlitve, katerih zaposlitev je ogrožena

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Public support for job seekers whose employment is at risk


Support is available for employees whose job is at risk due to a collective or individual dismissal with a notice period. Also, job seekers who have a fixed-term contract expiring in three months are entitled to the support of the instrument.

Main characteristics

The public employment service provides the job seeker the usual career counselling which includes:

  • individual counselling and assistance for creating an employment plan
  • in-depth career counselling including personal competency assessment
  • assistance for career guidance skills development
  • employment incentives
  • promotion of self-employment
  • right and obligation to participate in active labour market policy measures
  • creation of an individual employment plan

Workers whose employment is at risk are invited to register with the Employment Service of Slovenia within three days after the notification of termination of employment. Employers, on the other hand, notify the Employment Service of Slovenia about the termination of employment contracts via the ‘Employer Portal’. During the notice period, workers have a right to be absent from work for at least one day per week to get job search assistance. For the time of absence, the Employment Service of Slovenia reimburses employee's gross salary to employers.


  • National funds

Involved actors

National government
Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (MDDSZ)
Public employment services
The Slovene ESS offers the service


Using the online service of the scheme, in 2019, 1,316 employers sent information about 4,237 employees whose contracts had to be terminated due to economic reasons. Out of the 4,237 employees, 2,944 (or 70% of all workers) registered in the job seekers' register during the notice period (in 2017 it was only 30%). Consultancy and assistance were provided to all registered persons. 311 workers got employed within an average of 43 job searching days. 529 workers participated in active employment policy programmes. 

In this scheme, employers are entitled to reimbursement of salaries for the time when workers participate in active labour policy programmes within the notice period. 51 employers claimed 101 reimbursements for 413 days. On average, workers used four days of absence from work.

In 2019, workers whose employment was at risk were still obliged to register with the Employment Service of Slovenia within three days after the notification of termination of employment. The obligation was cancelled in 2020 due to its alleged inefficiency. In 2019, the Employment Service reduced unemployment benefits by 30% to 375 people due to non-registration or late registration in the register of job seekers.


The programme facilitates the rapid re-employment of redundant workers. The Employment Service of Slovenia identifies workers’ experiences and skills, as well as possible job vacancies and draws an employment plan in agreement with a worker. In line with the goals determined in the plan, the worker may participate in active employment policy programmes for additional training or requalification.


As notice periods are getting shorter, it is in some cases impossible to carry out career guidance and training within the notice period.


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