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European Restructuring Monitor

Since 2002, the European Restructuring Monitor (ERM) has been monitoring the employment impact of large-scale restructuring events in Europe and now covers the 27 EU Member States plus Norway. The ERM offers a searchable database of restructuring events based on announcements in national media sources. Detailed information is available on this site about the data collection method, the media sources used, available information and data limitations.

ERM databases

The restructuring events database contains factsheets with data on large-scale restructuring events reported in the principal national media in each EU Member State. Created in 2002, it has recorded more than 27.000 restructuring events to date. It is updated daily.

Since 2011, the ERM also provides a database on national public support instruments for restructuring to assist companies and workers to anticipate and manage restructuring. To date, the database provides information on almost 350 national schemes. Furthermore, since 2013 the ERM database on restructuring related legislation gives an overview on national regulations related to, for example, definitions of collective dismissal and dismissal procedures or information/consultation requirements in restructuring.

A key ERM publication is the ERM report focusing on a specific topic that reflects current policy priorities.

ERM report

The latest ERM report ERM report 2020: Restructuring across borders has a dual focus. First, it reviews recent restructuring activity in the EU, from January 2019 up to and including the first impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. The second part presents an analysis of transnational restructuring cases – those that affect workers in more than one country. The main source for both analyses is the European Restructuring Monitor events database, which has collected details of over 25,000 large-scale restructurings since it began in 2002, including nearly 2,000 since the beginning of 2019. The review of the data on transnational restructuring is complemented with a summary of case studies based on international relocations of production. The aim is to highlight the types of dispute that arise, how the restructuring is managed by management and the social partners, and what the outcomes are for the workers affected.

Other publications

The ERM quarterly summary publication has been discontinued after the publication of the January 2017 issue.

The comparative analytical reports represent an additional strand of research within the ERM. They provide information on developments at EU and national level on specific themes, including company case examples.

Please visit the publication series section for a quick overview on the ERM and its publications.

Research carried out prior to the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union on 31 January 2020, and published subsequently, may include data relating to the 28 EU Member States. Following this date, research only takes into account the 27 EU Member States (EU28 minus the UK), unless specified otherwise.