EWCTS 2021 – Quality assurance

In carrying out its surveys, Eurofound places a strong emphasis on quality and aims for precision of estimates for the European Union as a whole, as well as for individual Member States. To ensure a high quality of data in the European Working Conditions Telephone Survey (EWCTS), Eurofound applied state-of-the-art practices in cross-cultural survey methodology.

Quality control measures

Each stage of the survey was carefully planned, closely monitored and documented, and specific controls were put in place. Quality control mechanisms were applied to ensure quality in terms of relevance, accuracy, timeliness and punctuality, accessibility and clarity, and coherence and comparability.

At the start of the preparation phase, the survey contractor Ipsos and Eurofound established quality assurance indicators which were outlined in an agreed Quality Assurance Plan. Each stage of the EWCTS was documented in detail in order to promote transparency and to be able to draw lessons for future surveys. As part of this process, 134 quality assurance indicators were established and their performance assessed.

Reporting on quality control

The Quality assurance and control report, compiled by Ipsos, provides a summary of the quality control activities performed before, during and after the fieldwork. The report provides an objective quality assessment of the outputs and processes against the Quality Assurance Framework. It also provides a critical reflection on the quality indicators and targets as identified in the Quality Assurance Plan.

International standards

As a further measure, Eurofound is contracting an independent third party to assess the survey quality in relation to comparable surveys and international standards, such as the quality criteria outlined in the European Statistical System, and to provide suggestions for improvement of future editions of the EWCS. The report on this exercise will be available towards the end of 2023.

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