Fifth European Working Conditions survey - 2010

Fieldwork for the fifth European Working Conditions Survey was carried out between January and June of 2010.


The fifth iteration of the survey covered issues of:

  • precarious employment,
  • leadership styles,
  • worker participation,
  • general job context,


as well as

  • working time,
  • work organisation,
  • pay,
  • work-related health risks,
  • cognitive and psychosocial factors,
  • work-life balance, and
  • access to training.

A number of questions were included to the questionnaire to capture the impact of the economic downturn on working conditions.

Almost 44,000 workers were interviewed, covering 34 countries – EU27, Norway, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo – making this wave the most comprehensive one so far, in terms of geographical coverage.

The fifth EWCS was implemented by Gallup Europe, who worked within a strong quality assurance framework, to ensure the highest possible standards in all data collection and editing processes.

Data tables complementing the survey mapping tool are available for download. The full 2010 Dataset is also available.

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