List of contracts in 2007

2007 list of contracts with value €3,500-€60,000
Contractor Contract subject Contract value in €
KMU Forschung Austria (Austrian Institute for SME Research) Measuring the contribution of micro-enterprises to employment creation and economic growth in the EU 27,610.00
Corporate Express (Irl) Ltd Supply & delivery of general stationery 22,000.00
Corporate Express (Irl) Ltd. Print & delivery of house style stationery 10,000.00
CIMTECH Ltd. Feasibility Study & Option Review for an EDRM System 7,946.40
Datapac Supply & delivery of IT consumables 22,500.00
TNO Quality of Life, Work and Employment A sectoral perspective of working conditions 48,768.00
IKEI –Instituto Vasco de Estudios e Investigacion S.A. Gender equality innovative measures in the transport industry 34,800.00
Fujitsu Siemens Computers IT Product Services Ltd. Trading previously as Siemens Business Annual Firewall Support 5,831.00
Matrix Networking Ltd. Supply, Installation and Maintenance of a structured cabling system and associated active network 39,950.00
MessageLabs Ltd. Agreement with MessageLabs for the supply of the Foundation’s Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus and Content Filtering Services 12,096.00
Irish Broadband Supply of high speed wireless broadband service 12,220.00
University of Tartu Impact of globalisation on industrial relations models 44,500.00
Work Research Centre (WRC) Ltd Provision of services for writing and editing of seminar reports and company case examples from the EMCC Company Network Seminars 13,600.00
Financial Times Renewal subscription to Financial Times Subscription services - level 2 4,852.00
OSA, The Institute for Labour Studies, Tilburg University Flexibility and security over the life course- Key findings and policy recommendations from the Foundation research 40,000.00
Digicom Supply and Installation of Audio Visual Equipment 50,977.12
Regioplan Beleidsonderzoek (REGIOPLAN) Provision of information on measures to combat undeclared work in 5 EU Member States 43,760.00
INSPIRIT Photo Provision of photographic services 9,800.00
Midland Electronic Services Ltd. CCTV Installation and Monitoring Service 82,618.00
Observatoire social européen asbl Dynamics of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue 59,120.00
OSA, The Institiute for Labour Studies, Tilburg University Selection of a rapporteur for a US-EU seminar on labour mobility 12,500.00
Coyle Hamilton Limited Provision of Insurance services 37,162.91
KMU Forschung Austria (Austrian Institute for SME Research) Quality assurance of articles for publication in the Foundation’s Observatories 54,936.00
Ivantage Ltd. Provision of web analytics consultancy 19,666.61
Analytica Social & Economic Research Ltd. Provision of services for writing and editing of seminar reports and company case examples from the EMCC Company Network Seminars (2nd Seminar) 10,960.00
Prof. Ali Cevat Tasiran Provision of information and analysis on quality of work and employment, industrial relations and restructuring - Turkey 22,750.00
Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. Subscription to the Emerald HR Journal Collection 12,500.00
Springer Distribution Centre GmbH Subscription to Social Indicators Research and Small Business Economics (E-only) 3,712.00
Siemens s.a. Purchase of 20 - 19” Monitors 6,920.58
Oxford Analytica Subscription to Oxford Analytica Europe Daily Brief 5,400.00
Elsevier Online subscription Elsevier products on Science Direct 6,970.26
EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Subscriptions 9,767.97
Agence Europe Subscription Dataweb 10,180.00
Elsevier Subscription to SCOPUS 9,273.00
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts CSA subscriptions 3,900.00
Fujitsu Siemens Computers IT Product Services Ltd Strategic ICT Plan 38,900.00
Eworx SA Maintenance of various databases 15,997.50
Friends of Europe Cafe crossfire evening debate facilitation services 8,500.00 10 week subscription to on-line communication services 5,000.00
Inspirit Photo Provision of photographic services 9,800.00
Thomas Prior Hotel Dublin Foundation seminar series 18,500.00
SNC Bleu Montparnasse Conference in Paris 11,070.00
Sociedade Hotelira Seoane SA Conference in Lisbon 5,600.00
Hotel Velada Madrid SL Foundation Seminar Series 15,301.00
Aroma Eventos SL Madrid Foundation Seminar Series

Holiday Inn Lisbon Conference in Lisbon 7,568.00
Cabinet Brusset EMCC Company Network Seminar on 14 & 15 June 2007 4,650.00
AICI Provision of interpretation services for EMCC Planning Seminar 10,100.00
Ms Geneviève Wilshere Revision of IVth European Working Conditions Survey 4,500.00
Databeuro Renewal Source OECD subscription 11,670.50
PC-Ware Information Technologies BV Renewal of CRM Licences 7,653.58
Siemens s.a. Purchase of 13 Lifebooks and associated equipment 21,147.68
Siemens s.a. Purchase of Notebooks (Laptops) and related Informatics Services 17,198.93
PC-Ware Information Technologies BV Renewal of Microsoft Licenses 15,606.46


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