Framework Law on Mobility and Decree No. 2020-1284 of 22 October 2020

In November 2019, the Framework Law on Mobility was adopted in France. The new framework aims primarily at new mobility solutions and reducing carbon emissions through mobility. However, it also contains provisions aiming to regulate platform work. The objective is to addresses the shortcomings of social protection and working conditions of platform workers while aiming to preserve the flexibility of drivers’ self-employed status by protecting the platforms against the risk of workers being reclassified as employees. Hence, platforms are allowed to put in place a social responsibility charter, which lays out how the company aims to ensure decent income levels, anticipates occupational risks, ensures social protection and training opportunities for the workers and allows for collective representation. In sum, the charter should define an employer-worker relationship that secures workers’ rights without having to provide employment contracts. 

This charter would have to be approved by the labour administration. Decree No. 2020-1284 of 22 October 2020 defines the conditions for this approval. Among others, the application for approval must document the process of consultation with workers. For France’s labour ministry, the optional charter and the certification process remain a first step to define and regulate the labour relations between workers and the platforms. 

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