Les Cyclopes cooperative

Les Cyclopes is a platform cooperative that was established in 2020 by the neighbourhood committees of Saint-Denis and Stains in the Parisian suburbs. It emerged as a response to the precariousness of the cyclo-logistics professions and the environmental challenges involved in transport. The objective is to offer customers an efficient bike delivery service while reducing carbon emissions and supporting the creation of fair jobs with adequate training. 

The neighbourhood committees aim to improve the living environment in Stains and Saint-Denis. They focus on the beautification and maintenance of the physical district, citizen participation, the creation of collective space, economic development and the socio-economic integration and cohesion among residents. They thus work towards developing jobs based on identified needs.  

Working and participating in the Cyclopes cooperative provides residents with the opportunity to work as couriers, have access to supervised, qualifying and certified training (among others for French language courses, rhetoric workshops, obtaining a driving license etc.) while benefiting from the status of employees. The cyclo-logistics sector furthermore contributes to the ecological transition. The cooperative’s gains are distributed as follows: 23% for support and training, 52% for the couriers’ wages, 20% for the association, and 5% for equipment. 


  • Initiative
  • Provision of insurance and social protection, Training
  • France
  • Other, Worker
  • Yes
  • transport
  • On-location platform-determined routine work
  • platform cooperatives
  • 2022
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