Foundation Forum 2009 - Global recession: Europe's way out

Gio, 05/11/2009
Ven, 06/11/2009

Logo Forum 2009Foundation Forum 2009 took place in Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland, on 5-6 November 2009.

Globalisation has been at the forefront of Europe's economic and political agenda for more than a decade. Previously more associated with expansion and new opportunities, now, discussion on globalisation is likely to concern the global recession and surviving it. Europe, like other economic blocs, must find a way out of recession. The critical question is whether it can adjust to the changed circumstances while keeping its social and political principles intact. In an effort to regain global competitiveness, will Europe have to compromise some of its fundamental values or could it emerge as a more egalitarian and sustainable society?

Forum 2009 debated the ways in which Europe would weather the storm of the current recession and adjust so that it is positioned to move forward when it abates.


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Dublin Castle
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