Foundation seminar series: Flexicurity and employability, 2006

Lun, 22/05/2006
Mer, 24/05/2006

From the Lisbon summit in 2000 to the Council on Employment and Social Affairs in Villach (Austria) in January 2006, flexicurity has been part of the European strategy, as a key element for EU competitiveness. Facing increasing uncertainty and global competitiveness, western economies need the ability to react. European policy makers agree on the need to develop security and flexibility as the two faces of the same coin. Achieving the right balance between fair treatment for employees and flexible employment forms is the first step to further developing competitiveness.

Objectives of the seminar

The 2006 Foundation seminar aimed to discuss these topics, bringing to the national social actors the following questions:

  • What is the sustainable trade-off between flexibility and security for workers, firms and society?
  • What are the respective roles of social partners, governments, workers and citizens in maintaining and developing guarantees and security?

In the first session, the macroeconomic situation on employment, unemployment and the various levers available was addressed. Experts from OECD and the European Commission presented the various positions and recommendations on the issue. European actors in new and old Member States shared their views on "flexicurity" policies.

The second session was dedicated to national policies and company initiatives on employability.

Participants’ and speakers’ commitment to exchange knowledge and views on the topic led to lively workshops and fruitful discussions in plenary. The tripartite characteristic of the seminar was highly praised by all participants.

1st session, 22-24 May 2006, Dublin

2nd session, 2-4 October 2006, Vienna

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