People with disabilities in employment: Inclusion through jobs – Making it real

Gio, 07/05/2015
Ven, 08/05/2015

The aim of this conference is to help unlock the potential of persons with disabilities and show how both employers and employees with disabilities can benefit from a more accessible and diverse labour market through sharing expertise and good practises on different levels and by different stakeholders. By looking at alternative new employment strategies/ideas, the conference aims to find ways to remove barriers and boost the employment opportunities for peoples with disabilities in Europe.

Objectives in a nutshell

  • The conference will highlight the impact of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Right to Work and Employment (Art. 27).
  • The conference will promote exchange between employers, employees, persons with disabilities and social services and show innovative and best practices that have evidence-based results.
  • The conference will identify the necessary steps to create a positive synergy between all stakeholders by actively involving all participants.
  • Re-launch the new EASPD Declaration on Employment.

Eurofound contribution

Robert Anderson, Head of unit Living Conditions and Quality of Life, will make a keynote address on 'The spectrum of employment for people with disabilities and active measures'.

An agenda is available.

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