Managing diversity in the workplace: competitive advantages for companies

Gio, 14/06/2007
Ven, 15/06/2007

EMCC company network seminar, 14 - 15 June 2007, Paris, France

The European Monitoring Cantre on Change (EMCC) company network seminars are tripartite events designed to foster capacity building and knowledge sharing among practitioners. Based on real-life experiences of change management processes in companies, the seminars address current topics of interest high on the boardroom and EU policy agendas.

The first company network seminar of 2007 'Managing diversity in the workplace: competitive advantages for companies' will be held in the headquarters of Schneider Electric in Paris on June 14-15.

This event aims to analyse how companies are managing diversity, both internally and externally, as part of their daily operations. Five European companies will present their corporate practices in order to illustrate the business benefits of diversity initiatives in the workplace.

More information is available from the EMCC website.

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