Quality of life in Turkey, 23 May 2007, Brussels, Belgium

Mer, 23/05/2007
Mer, 23/05/2007

A short seminar to present the results of the latest Eurofound survey on Quality of Life in an Enlarged Europe

Wednesday 23 May 2007, 11h30 – 13h00

Venue: Hotel Silken Berlaymont, Brussels

For a country applying for membership of the European Union, quality of life concerns are the social complement to the political and economic standards of the EU’s Copenhagen criteria for evaluating applicant countries. Eurofound’s national report on Quality of Life in Turkey explores the attitudes and perceptions of Turkish people – information gathered from its 28-country European Quality of Life Survey and related social science studies.


This seminar is an opportunity to discuss the research results and put them in context with the EU15, the 10 Member States who joined in 2004 and with Turkey’s own neighbours, Bulgaria and Romania, who became members of the EU this year.

A draft agenda is available.


Participation is by invitation only.

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Catherine Preston, Customer Relations manager.

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