Social dialogue & conflict resolution mechanisms

Mer, 29/10/2003
Ven, 31/10/2003

Workshop on social dialogue and conflict resolution mechanisms: conciliation, mediation, arbitration in Estonia, Hungary, Malta, Poland and Slovenia - 29-31 October 2003, Prague

Venue: Ministry of Health, Palackeho namesti 4, Prague 2


The European Foundation is carrying out a project on Social Dialogue and Conflict Resolution in the Acceding Countries in collaboration with the Swedish Work Life and EU Enlargement (WLE). This is a continuation of the project on Social Dialogue and Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) in the acceding countries, which the Foundation carried out in 2002-2003. One of the outcomes of the project was the proposal of the Slovenian tripartite team to extend the project and compare the countries’ experiences in conflict resolution mechanisms. Other acceding countries shared the view and expressed their great willingness to participate into the project. In 2003 the project is carried out in Estonia, Hungary, Malta, Poland and Slovenia. In 2004 it will cover Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia.

The purpose of the project

To gather employers, trade unions, governments and researchers to assess how social dialogue can best be utilised to improve conflict resolution mechanisms


The project is carried out in close cooperation with the government, employers’ and trade union organisations. Their representatives participate in the Prague workshop in October where they discuss national reports and draft development projects for conflict resolution mechanisms in their countries. The researchers who are drafting the national reports are selected according to the proposal of the social partners and the Governments.

Financial resources of the project

The European Foundation together with the Swedish Work Life and EU Enlargement project finance the project workshops, participation in the workshops and the drafting of the national reports.

Project team

Research managers:
Timo Kauppinen (+353 1 204 3143)
Christian Welz (+353 1 204 3254)

Information liaison officer:
Marina Patriarka (+353 1 204 3115)

Maria Cuesta (+353 1 204 3149)

Further information

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