Smart and sustainable planning for cities and regions - SSPCR 2017 conference

Mer, 22/03/2017
Ven, 24/03/2017

This second edition of 'Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions' – SSPCR 2017 – faces the challenge of inspiring the transition of urban areas towards smarter and more sustainable places to live. It is organised by EURAC Research and will take place in Bolzano, Italy, on 22-24 March 2017.

Towards this aim, planners and stakeholders are called to take over – in a multidimensional perspective – both the urgent issues related to climate change and energy efficiency, and the new potential changes introduced by cities’ digitalisation and the integration of ICT in infrastructures, mobility, and social interactions. In this scenario, planning requires a global overview and understanding of the past and current state of cities as well as a holistic approach in redirecting their future development and regeneration. Therefore, SSPCR 2017 will feature contributions coming from different research fields: urban and regional planning, environmental and social sciences, transportation, engineering and energy-related studies, as well as from the professional community. 

SSPCR 2017 is a high level international communication platform for academics, researchers, professionals and decision-makers. Delegates will have the opportunity to meet industrial and business partners and to discuss future project ideas on smart and sustainable planning. SSPCR 2017’s main theme – articulated in thematic dimensions (i.e. sessions) which address specific topics during the duration of the conference – has the objective of providing delegates with a comprehensive overview of the field and to build up shared knowledge among researchers and professionals.

Eurofound contribution

Hans Dubois, Research manager, Living Conditions and Quality of Life unit, will - as keynote speaker - talk about Eurofound's research on Inadequate housing in Europe: costs and consequences and Quality of life in urban and rural Europe. He will further present a forthcoming project on ‘Neighbourhood quality and role of local level measures in building up quality of life’.

More information is available from the SSPCR2017 website.

Venue Details
Viale Druso 1,
39100 Bolzano
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