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Collective Research Centres - promotion of patents unit

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Ultima modifica: 03 August, 2021
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Collectieve Onderzoekscentra - promotie octrooicel/Centres de Recherche Collective - promotion cellule brevets

Nome in inglese:

Collective Research Centres - promotion of patents unit


This is available to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Main characteristics

The collective research centres are organised at the sectoral level, to promote and coordinate technical improvement. They enable research and development for the benefit of companies in a specific sector through mutual collaboration. This type of collaboration is particularly called upon by SMEs that do not dispose of the necessary resources to pursue their research activities. The centres are an instrument of the federal public service of the economy to support and to inform enterprises, especially SMEs, on standardisation and intellectual property rights.

Currently, there are centres in 4 sectors:

- Textile industry (Centexbel)
- Construction (WTCB)
- Technological industry (Sirris)
- Chemical industry and Life Sciences (Essenscia)


  • National funds

Involved actors

National government
Funding. The federal public service of economy is represented in the management council of the sectoral centres.
Regional/local government
The relevant regional authorities are represented in the management council of the sectoral centres.
Employer or employee organisations
The trade unions are represented in the management council of the sectoral centres.


In 2013, Belgium submitted 181 patent filings per million inhabitants. That is higher than the European average of 129 (Source: European Patent Office).

In 2015, Belgium submitted a total of 2,041 patents, which was an increase of 5.9% compared to 2014 (1,927 patents). The increase was larger than the European average increased in that year, which was 0.7%. This placed Belgium on the 12th position within all of the 50 EPO member states.

In their 2016 annual report, the European Patent Office noted 2,184 patent applications were filed in Belgium, 64% (1,397) of those were submitted by Flanders-based companies.


No information available.


No information available.


CSTC-WTCB (Scientific and Technical Center for the Building Sector); Centexbel (Belgian Textile Research Centre); Sirris (Technological Industry); Essencia (Chemical Industry); CWOBKN (ceramics and glass); OCCN (cement); WTCB (construction); OCW (road construction); TCHN(WOOD.BE (woodworking); CBM (breweries); WTOCD (diamond industry); CRM (metallurgy); CORI (coating and paint); BIL (welding); electrical industry (Laborelec); electro techniques (Tecnolec)
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