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CzechInvest – Investment and Business Development Agency

Phase: Anticipation
  • Access to finance
  • Advice
  • Attracting investors
  • Matching/Networking
  • Start-up support
  • Support of business transfers
  • Support of companies' growth
  • Support of internationalisation
  • Support of SMEs
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CzechInvest – Agentura pro podporu podnikání a investic

Nome in inglese:

CzechInvest – Investment and Business Development Agency


CzechInvest’s activities are focused mostly on:

  • development of Czech technology firms’ potential,
  • support of 'smart' investments,
  • support of business transfers,
  • motivation of foreign investors already established in Czechia towards sophisticated complementary investments,
  • development and cultivation of the national start-ups and spin-off environment,
  • assistance for Czech firms when entering foreign markets,
  • promotion of the Czech economy, technologies and R&D abroad,
  • linking of partners from the business and R&D spheres,
  • use of trends in progressive sectors of the global economy.

Generally available to all entrepreneurs; however, most of the services target large businesses.

Main characteristics

Established in 1992 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu České republiky, MPO), CzechInvest is a state-owned agency whose task is to attract foreign investment and to support domestic companies through its services and development programmes. Currently, CzechInvest also promotes Czechia abroad (through nine foreign offices). CzechInvest services are generally available to all entrepreneurs; however, most of the services target large businesses. Some services and projects are intended to support SMEs and municipalities. In terms of start-up support CzechInvest helps Czech innovative start-up entrepreneurs through four sub-activities: CzechStarter, CzechAccelerator, CzechMatch and CzechDemo. All these sub-activities are financed by the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness 2014-2020 (Operační program Podnikání a inovace pro konkurenceschopnost, OPPIK).

In addition, CzechInvest runs other start-up projects, such as Business incubator ESA BIC Prague, web CzechStartups.org and CzechLink Start.

CzechInvest is authorised to file applications for investment incentives with the relevant governing bodies. It prepares draft offers to grant investment incentives for the government of Czechia. Its role also involves providing potential investors with recent data and information on the business climate, the investment environment and opportunities in Czechia. All its services are provided free of charge. 

CzechInvest provides also monitoring of relevant regional information through a network of 13 regional offices in all regions of Czechia.

Most of the services (especially those for investors) are provided to large companies. Support of SMEs happens mostly through the use of the European structural funds, namely the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation (Operační program Podnikání a inovace, OPPI)  for the 2007-2013 programming period and the Operational programme Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiviness (Operační program Podnikání a inovace pro konkurenceschopnost, OPPIK) for the 2014-2020 programming period. 


  • National funds
  • European funds
  • European Funds (ERDF)
  • European Funds (Operational programme HRD)

Involved actors

National government
CzechInvest was established by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu České republiky, MPO), which also provide the funding for the agency.
Employer or employee organisations
CzechInvest is a partner of AFI (Association for Foreign Investment, Sdružení pro zahraniční investice).


CheckInvest has supported investment projects and the creation of new jobs as displayed in the overview table below. The Ministry of Industry and Trade monitors the activity of CzechInvest primarily in terms of :

  • the volume of mediated investments
  • the number of investment projects
  • the number of new jobs created.


This measure is not primarily focused on restructuring processes and redundancies. However, by supporting both foreign and Czech investors, it has fostered job creation, as shown in the table below. Most of the services are free of charge.

Investment projects mediated by CzechInvest in 2010-2019

Year Nr. of projects

Amount of investments

(CZK million/€ million)

Number of jobs


2010 60 14,615.2 / 539.3 7,037
2011 72 33,015.5 / 1,218.3 10,702
2012 81 20,369.6 / 751.6 8,530
2013 108 47,937.2 / 1,768.9 10,412
2014 147 89,956.1 / 3,319.4 16,842
2015 106 44,969.6 / 1,659.4 14,040
2016 100 61,510 / 2,387 12,097
2017 106 62,996 / 2,445 12,116
2018 82 36,387 / 1,412 6,146
2019 94 54,700/2,036 n. a.

Source: CzechInvest, Annual Report 2018, Annual Report 2019


No information available.


TOP 5 arranged investments in 2018: - Varroc Lighting Systems, s.r.o. (automotive industry, Moravian-Silesian region, 20 new jobs created), - ZF Electronics Klášterec s.r.o. (electronical industry, Ústecký region, 205 new jobs created), - KOITO CZECH s.r.o. (automotive industry, Ústecký region, 197 new jobs created), - Doosan Bobcat EMEA, s.r.o. (machinery, Central Bohemia region, 140 new jobs created), - AL INVEST Břidličná, a.s. (metal, South Bohemia Region, 20 new jobs created).
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