Erika Mezger

Erika Mezger

Deputy Director, Eurofound

Erika Mezger is Deputy Director of Eurofound since July 2009. A graduate in public administration from the University of Konstanz, Germany, where she obtained a PhD in 1989, Ms Mezger has had a long association with both trade unionism and research into employment and social issues. She began her career at the Hans Böckler Foundation in Düsseldorf in 1987, where she was initially responsible for conducting research into gender issues and social policy. In recent years, her research work has focused on the welfare state and modern governance, and active labour market policies.

In parallel with her career, she has gained international experience while studying in the US, in 1991 under the German Marshall Fund ‘Young Leaders’ Programme’ in Washington D.C. and New York, and in 1998 as a Fulbright Scholar under the Harvard Trade Union Programme at Harvard University. Since 2012, Ms Mezger is a Policy Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labor Economics (IZA, Bonn, Germany).  

Prior to taking up her appointment as Deputy Director at Eurofound, Ms Mezger was Head of the Research Promotion Department at the Hans Böckler Foundation in Düsseldorf, Germany.


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