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Last modified: 03 August, 2021
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Skills for growth (Scileanna Réigiúnacha)

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Skills for growth


The 'Skills for Growth' project is a service for employers, to help them 'identify their skill needs and receive guidance on which education and training providers are best suited to their requirements.'

'Spotlight on skills' workshops are run by Enterprise Ireland as a part of 'Skills for Growth' project. The Spotlight programme is targeted at senior managers with the knowledge of the entire business function and future growth strategy over the next 1-5 years. The programme is aimed at two senior managers per company. 

Main characteristics

'Skills for Growth' is a package of support instruments for employers to help them analyse the skills of their employees and plan the future. Each employer who participates in the programme will be given:

  • Access to a new skills audit tool to capture robust and consistent data on the skill needs of their business;
  • One on one assistance from a Regional Skills Forum Manager to use this tool and plan for the future.

Once skill needs have been identified, Regional Skills Fora, the government body that coordinates the project, will link companies with the education and training providers best suited to responding to their skills needs. In general, in the framework of the project Regional Skills Fora will be able to conduct a more comprehensive picture of both regional and national skills needs, contributing towards a more robust national response to future skill needs. It is also expected that the project will involve further education and training providers (ETBs, IoTs, Universities, Skillnets), who can profit from the skills audit tool as well. 

Enterprise Ireland is also involved in the programme and runs a series of 'Spotlight on Skills' tailored workshops for companies. In those workshops, the companies will gain knowledge on human resources and skills management.

This is an innovative collaborative project led by the Department of Education and Skills and Enterprise Ireland, working in partnership with Regional Skills Fora Managers, SOLAS, AIRO, MEND and the HEA.

The programmes are developed in the context of Ireland's national skills strategy 2025. 


  • Regional funds
  • National funds
  • Employers' organisation

Involved actors

National government
Department of Education and Skills; HEA
Public employment services
Employer or employee organisations
Regional Skills Fora; Enterprise Ireland; AIRO (research body at Maynooth University), MEND (non-profit organisation)


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