This year marks the fourth and final year of implementation of Eurofound’s four-year work programme 2013–2016, ‘From crisis to recovery: Better informed policies for a competitive and fair Europe’. Eurofound is projected to release up to 100 reports this year on a number of issues closely related to this overall topic.

Many of Eurofound’s publications are particularly relevant for EU policy-makers, business leaders, trade unionists, journalists and academics with an interest in a specific subject area. However, a number of reports and studies are also of significant interest to the general public in both Europe and beyond.

Eurofound extensively promotes 12 publications per year via both traditional and social media, as well as through public events and exhibitions. Below is a projection of the headline publications for 2016.

Publication Month
Families in times crisis: changes to policy measures in the EU January
Job creation in SMEs: ERM annual report 2015 February
Working time in the 21st Century March
Start-up support for young people April
Preventing the trafficking of labour May
Eurofound Yearbook: Living and Working in Europe 2015 June
Exploring the diversity of NEETs July
Inadequate housing in Europe: Costs and consequences August
Changes in remuneration and reward systems September
The Gender Employment Gap October
6th European Working Conditions Survey November
Europe’s refugee crisis: Evidence on approaches to labour market integration December

The PDF versions of these reports can be accessed via our website www.eurofound.europa.eu, and on our Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook pages. Printed versions can also be ordered from the EU Publications website.

For a full overview of our activities for the year you can also download Eurofound’s Annual Work Programme 2016: http://bit.ly/AWP2016