The Uber contract explained: 'I would be loath to sign it'

25 May 2016 - "Would you accept a job that guaranteed unpredictable pay, forced you to cover your own costs and put you at risk of losing your income at any time without warning? That's what's expected of the thousands of workers signing up to join Uber's legion of driver-partners. While the company is keen to spruik its sharing credentials, a contract obtained by Fairfax Media tells another side of the story. The contract reveals working conditions that Australia's top workplace law experts say leaves drivers with few rights and very little hope of resolving any disputes."

Wilkins, G. (2016), 'The Uber contract explained: 'I would be loath to sign it'', The Sydney Morning Herald, 25 May.


  • Uber
  • transport
  • On-location platform-determined routine work
  • Australia
  • 2016
  • Article
  • information asymmetry, conflict resolution, platform characteristics
  • English
  • The Sydney Morning Herald (Publisher)
  • Open access
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