SME Digital 2.0

Phase: Anticipation
  • Access to finance
  • Support for digitalisation
  • Advice
  • Support of SMEs
  • Training
Last modified: 03 August, 2021
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KMU Digital 2.0

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SME Digital 2.0


Austrian small and medium-sized enterprises.

Main characteristics

The programme aims to support the digitalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises by providing professional consultation and funding for innovative projects. 

The original programme lasted from September 2017 until summer 2019. Back then, the consulting module could be funded with up to €4,000 and provided digitalisation check, analysis of innovative potential, targeted advice, and staff education and training. The implementation module could receive funding up to €5,000 in the total programming period. The investment should support the building of modernised digital infrastructures. 

Started in autumn 2019, the second edition of the programme is now offering two modules:

  1. Status and potential analysis, whereby 80% of the consultation costs are funded by the state;
  2. Strategic consulting with a public funding of up to 50% of the costs.

For the first module, the funding is limited to €4,000. For the second module, the limit is €5,000. The total costs of the project must remain between €5,000 and €20,000.

The goal of the programme is to raise the level of digitalisation in focus fields of IT-security, e-commerce, new business models and social media. The project is supported by Ministry for Digitalisation and Business Location (BMDW) in cooperation with the Austrian Economic Chamber (WKÖ) and the Digitalisation Agency (DIA).


  • National funds

Involved actors

National government
Austrian Federal Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW): funding, consulting
Employer or employee organisations
Austrian Economic Chambers (WKO)


According to the Ministry for Digitalisation and Business Location (BMDW), the first wave of the project met its goals. The project successfully enforced the modernisation of Austrian enterprises in a variety of areas like e-commerce and online marketing, business models and processes, and IT security. 

As the Salzburg Economic Chamber has stated, the programme offered around 10,000 consulting sessions to 7,000 companies over the last two years in Austria (WKS 2020).


The programme helps companies to recognise the benefits of digital technologies and implement modern solutions in their own company.


No information available.


The first wave of the programme between 2017 and 2019 has helped many companies innovate their work and products. Few examples are KMT - Kunststoff-/Metalltechnik GmbH, Kunst-Steinmetz Pointner GesmbH, Gruber Electric GesmbH and others.
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