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Altinn (Start and run business)

Phase: Anticipation
  • Advice
  • Start-up support
  • Support of internationalisation
  • Support of SMEs
Last modified: 01 October, 2020
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Altinn (Starte og drive bedrift)

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Altinn (Start and run business)


This is a free information service available to those who wish to establish and run businesses in Norway.

Main characteristics

As a part of the Altinn website (which is a web portal for electronic dialogue between business, citizens and government agencies), entrepreneurs and companies can find relevant information on starting up and running a business in Norway. In addition to the website, governmental administration can be contacted trough phone, e-mail and a chat service. The aim of the service is to introduce entrepreneurs and companies to the most important legislation when it comes to starting up and running businesses, having a practical approach in mind.  

The website provides information at various stages, that is: before start-up a business, start-up and registration, operation and winding up. The section on operation focuses on the following elements:

  • direct and indirect taxes;
  • accounts and auditing;
  • working conditions;
  • export and import;
  • other operational tasks as corporate social responsibility.  

The service also provides companies with a 'Start-up Information Package'. This is a comprehensive information package for entrepreneurs that collects links to guides, brochures, documents, forms and websites that is useful when starting up. 

All national public support schemes to enterprises are also listed in the Altinn website.


  • National funds

Involved actors

National government
Funding; Altinn is run by the Brønnøysund Register Centre (a government body).
Regional/local government
Several municipalities are involved in providing information.
Public employment services
NAV - The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration is involved providing information in its field.
A number of state agencies and public registers are involved providing information.


The information service is actively promoted and Brønnøysund Register Centre reported that, in 2019, 600 entrepreneurs and new business owners were made aware of the service.

The information service was launched in autumn 2012 as three former information services were integrated into Altinn. In January 2014, 41 state, county and municipal bodies participated. 


All relevant information can be found in one place, and it is integrated in the Norwegian public reporting portal for companies.


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