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SOWACCESS (Walloon company of business acquisitions and disposals)

Phase: Management
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  • Support of business transfers
  • Support of SMEs
Last modified: 17 August, 2020
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SOWACCESS (Société Wallone d’Acquisitions et Cessions d’Entreprises)

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SOWACCESS (Walloon company of business acquisitions and disposals)


The service is available to all companies in Wallonia, with a focus on SMEs.


Main characteristics

The platform aims to facilitate the matching of potential sellers and buyers of companies and to ensure the best possible 'fit' between supply and demand. A database provides anonymous vendors’ and buyers’ profiles on a website and in a newspaper. The platform’s administrators act as a filter (for examples as regards skills, expertise and available assets of potential buyers). It also includes an individualised search for counterparts performed for all profiles by the platform’s administrators.

An annual flat fee is charged for use of this platform. An additional success fee for direct buyers/sellers also applies if matching occurred via the database. Advertisements are published for an unlimited duration but are checked every two months.

SOWACCESS also provides information and advice to the entrepreneur, pinpointing the importance of preparation and professional support during the transfer.

In order not to limit its activities to Wallonia, SOWACCESS established an exclusive partnership agreement with the private company MKBase in Flanders and cooperation with the national association CRA buyers and sellers of business in France. The three organisations jointly manage a platform (TRANSEO) covering Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

Since 2014, an additional platform was created to complement the existing SOWACCESS platform, called affairesasuivre.be. It has the same goal as the regular SOWACCESS platform but  is more targeting towards small companies like, for examples, small shops, restaurants, liberal professions.

In early 2017, a new SOWACCESS network of officers was created to encourage business transfers in Wallonia. The main mission of these officers or 'agents' is to proactively detect and guide entrepreneurs wishing to (potentially) sell their business and to raise the awareness of Wallonia-based entrepreneurs about the importance of preparing early enough for the sale of their business. The network targets all the Walloon SMEs and more particularly companies with added high-value creation and/or employment and with a turnover higher than €500,000 and employ at least 5 FTE.


  • Regional funds

Involved actors

Regional/local government
Legal framework; funding.
Run by SOWACCESS (subsidiary of SOWALFIN), in partnership with a private company.


In 2014, Walloon minister Marcourt stated that the goal of reaching 150 potential sellers should be feasible.

From its inception until 2017, SOWACCESS has facilitated approximately 600 sales and purchasing transaction, which ultimately led to 5,500 jobs being able to be maintained within Wallonia.

In 2018, 105 business transactions were facilitated by SOWACCESS. It resulted in 1,220 jobs were secured, 200 New acquisition opportunities were created for SOWACCESS' affiliated acquirers and 1,208 Contacts were made possible because of the SOWACCESS team.

During 2019, 2018 and 2017, SOWACCESS organised the 'Semaine de la transmission' (The week of business transfer). More than 65 events related to business transfer were organised by lawyers, accountants, sales and acquisition firms, auditors, banks, training centers, support structures. The aim was to provide clear answers to all the questions that citizens/entrepreneurs have about the sale or purchase of a business. In 2019, the Semaine de la transmission recorded 100 events for a total of 2,400 participants.


SOWACCESS facilitates the transfer of SMEs and thereby contributes to the continuity and the development of the local economic fabric. Because of these business transactions, jobs can be secured (for example 1,208 jobs in 2018).

Events are organised to inform and provide training to people that are interested in acquiring a business.


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