EurLIFE European Observatory on Quality of Life

Results of survey data analysis as well as qualitative research in the field of quality of life and public services are made accessible through the EurLIFE observatory. Its work is supported by a Network of Eurofound Correspondents across all EU Member States and Norway. ​

Quality of life and quality of society

In addition to individual circumstances and conditions, the quality of society has a major impact on citizens’ well-being. In recent years Europeans have reported a declining trust in society and institutions, societal tensions, economic and social insecurity as well as perceived inequalities and lack of fairness.

Public services

Public services are essential for achieving high levels of social protection, social cohesion and social inclusion. But it is the quality of and access to services that determines their success across a changing social and demographic landscape. The challenge for policymakers is to ensure the design and delivery of health and social services that meet the varied needs of citizens.