Samuel Thomas – Human Resources

I joined the HR department at Eurofound coming from a background in International Business studies with a Masters in HR Management and with two years professional experience in the private sector.

Eurofound has given me an insight into the functioning of HR and administration within an EU institution. I’ve been a part of recruitment and induction procedures, learning and development processes and administered the traineeship programme, to name a few. I’ve learnt new software tools for database and employee management and recruitment and become familiar with EU policies and regulations. I was able to explore a wide array of tasks and participated in several projects, being given more responsibility as I progressed.

Living in Dublin, discovering the country and culture has been a great experience and Eurofound has been more than accommodating. The working environment and atmosphere at Eurofound is diverse and friendly, giving the opportunity to organise or participate in events be they a sporting activity or beach clean-up.

The traineeship at Eurofound has been a valuable added experience to my career and provided me with a unique practical experience of HR that I will be able to take forward in both an EU agency or private company context.

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