Komunikāciju kalendārs 2020. gadam

Date Type Virsraksts
10 Janvāris Publication Programming document 2017–2020: Work programme 2020
15 Janvāris Blogs Fears and hopes around future minimum wages
16 Janvāris Publication Telework and ICT-based mobile work: Flexible working in the digital age
20 Janvāris Publication Working conditionsImproving the monitoring of posted workers in the EU
22 Janvāris Publication Game-changing technologies: Transforming production and employment in Europe
27 Janvāris Publication What makes capital cities the best places to live?
28 Janvāris Notikums Joint event: The changing environment of the self-employed
28 Janvāris Notikums Eurofound presentation to the EP Committee on Employment and Social Affairs
28 Janvāris Blogs The pandora’s box of the platform economy
30 Janvāris Notikums EU Presidency of Croatia conference on Gender Equality: Participation of women on the labour market – Benefit for society!
05 Marts Notikums Ideas Lab 2020: Europe's next stage
Marts Publication Impact of digitalisation on social services
Marts Publication Access to advisory services for household debt
Marts Publication Public servicesOut-of-school care: Provision and public policy
Marts Publication Gender equality - Women and men at work
Aprīlis Publication Labour markets in the EU: Reacting to change
Aprīlis Publication Telework and ICT-based mobile work: Work-life balance
Maijs Publication Minimum wages in 2020: Annual review
08 Jūlijs Notikums 28th European Social Services Conference - Rethink, inspire, dare: Community care
Jūlijs Publication Capacity-building for effective social dialogue in the European Union
Oktobris Publication European Company Survey 2019: Overview report
Jūnijs Publication The changing nature of work in the digitised workplace