Labour in the global digital economy: The cybertariat comes of age.

In this book, Ursula Huws ties together disparate economic, cultural, and political phenomena of the last few decades to form a provocative narrative about the shape of the global capitalist economy at present. She examines the way that advanced information and communications technology has opened up new fields of capital accumulation: in culture and the arts, in the privatisation of public services, and in the commodification of human sociality by way of mobile devices and social networking. These trends are in turn accompanied by the dramatic restructuring of work arrangements, opening the way for new contradictions and new forms of labour solidarity and struggle around the planet. Labour in the Global Digital Economy is a forceful critique of our dizzying contemporary moment, one that goes beyond notions of mere connectedness or free-flowing information to illuminate the entrenched mechanisms of exploitation and control at the core of capitalism.

Huws, U. (2014), Labour in the global digital economy: The cybertariat comes of age, New York: Monthly Review Press.


  • Research publication
  • Other
  • Yes
  • no specific sector focus
  • employment status, social protection
  • English
  • Monthly Review Press (Publisher)
  • Qualitative research
  • 2014
  • Not available
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