ILERA European Congress - The future of representation

Ce, 08/09/2016
Se, 10/09/2016

The 11th ILERA European Congress will be held in Milan, Italy, from Thursday 8 September 2016 to Saturday 10 September 2016. The Congress will be hosted in the Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences in Milan city centre.

The future of representation

The congress will discuss 'The future of representation'. Representation is a core element in labour and employment relations and one of the aspects which are more exposed to the changes in the socio-economic environment. Trade unions and employer associations are constantly influenced by developments in the labour market and employment structures and in the business and economic systems. They have to respond to a number of questions which shape collective employment relations and basically refer to some apparently simple issues: whom they shall represent and how. The increasing diversification in the labour market, due for instance to the growing importance of workers individual features and aspirations and to the variety of contractual frameworks, and in the economic environment, linked to the multiplication of business and organisational models, is challenging established representation structures and patterns.

Eurofound contributions and participation in workshops

As a corporate member of ILERA, Eurofound has played an active role in previous European and world congresses, contributing to the discussion and sharing information. The theme of this year’s European congress is particularly relevant to Eurofound’s work. 

Plenary session:



Eurofound will hold a publications stand at the congress.

More information about the programme is available in Eurofound's congress leaflet and on the ILERA congress website.

Venue Details
Università degli Studi di Milano, Facoltà di Scienze Politiche, Economiche e Sociali, Via Conservatorio 7 - 20122
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