Eurofound News January 2007

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Director’s diary

Further developing the European Social Model

The German EU Presidency takes seriously the underlying premise of the European Social Agenda: that social, employment and economic policies do not have to compete with each other but are mutually complementary. During the first six months of 2007, the Foundation will bring its experiences, research and data to four ministerial and international events as well as several smaller ones in the framework of the Presidency.

The overall aim will be to highlight the positive interaction between the three policy areas of economy, employment and social affairs. In this context, the Foundation will also show the social impact of European legislation, in improving quality of work, strengthening workers’ mobility, and raising the public profile on the economic potential of older people.

Within the framework of the 2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities, the Foundation will help the European Commission present to its stakeholders and the general public the significance of diversity as a factor in competitiveness. During the year, the Foundation will also engage in the debate on equal pay for work and equal value, as well as gender stereotypes.

In the coming month, the Foundation will publish the latest European Restructuring Monitor, and a study summarising the research on European Work Councils carried out over the past decade.

Readers will note that this issue of the Foundation’s newsletter has been renamed as Eurofound News. This is part of an ongoing initiative to improve the image and increase the visibility of the Foundation.

Jorma Karppinen

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