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Slovakia: Notice period to employees

Phase: Management
Notice period to employees
Pēdējoreiz mainīts: 06 July, 2017
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Zákonník práce

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Labour Code


61-63 and 68


The notice must be in written and delivered to the employee concerned. Employers must notify their workforce at least one month in advance about the proposed job reduction.

The minimum notice period is one month. But the notice period is at least two months for the employee that has been in service for at least one but less than five years and at least three months for the employee that has been in service for at least five and more years if the employer terminates the employment relationship:

  • for economic reasons (the organisation or its part is abolished or relocated and the employee does not agree with the change in his or her agreed place of work or the employee became redundant from technical or organisational reasons)
  • or due to changes in the health condition of the employee.

An employer can give immediate notice when the employee has breached seriously the work discipline or was condemned for a premeditated criminal act.


Before 1 January 2013, the two months and three months notice period was fixed for the employee in service for one but less than five years and for the employee in service for five and more years, respectively. Presently, these notice periods are considered as the minimum. 

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