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Sweden: Definition of collective dismissal

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Definition of collective dismissal
Pēdējoreiz mainīts: 10 December, 2021
Nosaukums lokālajā valodā:

Lag (1982:80) om Anställningsskydd

Nosaukums angliski:

Employment protection act (1982:80)




Collective dismissals are all dismissals that are not due to the characteristics or behaviour of the individual worker, but for business reasons (such as shut down or restructuring due to introduction of new technology). There are no numerical lower bounds. The definition of the business reasons is the prerogative of the employer.


It is in general easier for an employer to dismiss a worker for business reasons than for personal reasons. While the employer is obliged to state what the business reasons are, the labour court very rarely questions the financial assessments made by the employer.

The ongoing reform of the Employment protection act will not affect the definition of collective dismissal.

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