France: New rules on the representativeness of employer organisations

Six year after the reform of unions' representativeness, new measures were adopted to reform the representativeness of employer's organisations.

A decree of 13 June finally implements article 29 of Law No. 2014-288 of 5 March 2014 reforming the representativeness of employers' organisations. To be representative at the sectoral level, employers' organisation have to include a number of member companies representing at least 8% of all companies adhering to employers' organisations in the corresponding branch. The decree gives practical details on how calculate the threshold of 8%. It also explains how employers’ organisation can oppose a collective agreement if they represent affiliated companies that employ more than 50% of the workforce of companies affiliated to employers’ organisation within the sector. The reform will come into effect in 2017. The need to demonstrate its representativeness based on the number of members is likely to intensify the current rivalry between  employers' organisations.

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