Communications calendar

New projects will be introduced and the research questions of ongoing projects may be revised in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Date Type Наслов
13 Јануари 2021 Blog COVID-19, Big Brother and the business case for doing better
18 Јануари 2021 Blog Protecting access to healthcare during COVID-19 and beyond
28 Јануари 2021 Publication Education, healthcare and housing: How access changed for children and families in 2020
01 Февруари 2021 Event European Parliament exchange with Eurofound and EU agencies
02 Февруари 2021 Blog COVID-19: A tale of two service sectors
03 Февруари 2021 Publication Eurofound style guide
09 Февруари 2021 Blog Two worlds of income support during COVID-19
24 Февруари 2021 Blog Charting a positive path for platform workers
26 Февруари 2021 Publication Working conditions and sustainable work: An analysis using the job quality framework
08 Март 2021 Blog Choosing to challenge – the EU Gender Equality Strategy one year in
09 Март 2021 Event 15th conference on Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe
09 Март 2021 Publication Involvement of social partners in policymaking during the COVID-19 outbreak
11 Март 2021 Publication COVID-19: Implications for employment and working life
23 Март 2021 Publication Working life in the COVID-19 pandemic 2020
30 Март 2021 Publication Quality of lifeWealth distribution and social mobility
19 Април 2021 Publication Disability and labour market integration: Policy trends and support in EU Member States
20 Април 2021 Event Watch the #AskTheExpert webinar: Game-changing technologies - How will they impact Europe’s economy, work and employment?
27 Април 2021 Event 5th UNI Europa Conference
28 Април 2021 Blog Good news for gender equality as we exit the COVID-19 crisis?
29 Април 2021 Event Watch the webinar: #AskTheExpert - Addressing the social and employment impact of the pandemic - Living, working and COVID-19
04 Мај 2021 Blog COVID-19 could be a catalyst for fundamental change that will define the Future of Europe
07 Мај 2021 Publication Living and working in Europe 2020
10 Мај 2021 Publication Living, working and COVID-19 (Update April 2021): Mental health and trust decline across EU as pandemic enters another year
18 Мај 2021 Event Watch the webinar: #AskTheExpert - EU citizens experience deep fatigue and frustration as pandemic enters second year - New survey findings from Living, working and COVID-19
31 Мај 2021 Blog As Member States take different approaches to regulating telework, will the EU bring them into line?
03 Јуни 2021 Event Watch the webinar: #AskTheExpert: The rise of the telework generation – What impact for working conditions?
08 Јуни 2021 Blog Minimum wages rise again, but the pandemic puts a brake on their growth
10 Јуни 2021 Publication Minimum wages in 2021: Annual review
Јули 2021 Publication Fostering innovation in European companies: Role of workplace practices
Јули 2021 Publication Convergence in gender equality in the EU
Јули 2021 Publication Distributional impacts of climate policies in Europe
Август 2021 Publication Tackling labour shortages in EU Member States
Август 2021 Publication Inequalities between regions: Trends in convergence
Август 2021 Publication Measures of living conditions: Monitoring convergence across the EU
Септември 2021 Publication Occupational dimension of the gender pay gap
Септември 2021 Publication Right to disconnect: Exploring company practices
Септември 2021 Publication Structural changes in the labour market: Employment impact of the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic
Септември 2021 Publication Fairness and the future: perceptions and realities
Септември 2021 Publication Socioeconomic impact of the transition to a climate-neutral economy
Октомври 2021 Publication Impact of the COVID-19 crisis on young people
Октомври 2021 Publication Developments in working time 2019–2020
Октомври 2021 Publication Workplace practices in export-oriented establishments
Октомври 2021 Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Audiovisual sector
Октомври 2021 Publication Overtime: Exploring the issues
Октомври 2021 Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Live performance sector
Октомври 2021 Publication European Jobs Monitor 2021 - Gender and age
Ноември 2021 Publication Work organisation and job quality in the digitised workplace
Ноември 2021 Publication Transition to a climate-neutral economy: Main issues related to socioeconomic aspects
Ноември 2021 Publication Industrial relations landscape in the public services sector in Europe
Декември 2021 Publication Challenges and prospects in the EU - Looking backward to move forward: Converging through crises
Декември 2021 Publication Impact of digitalisation on social partner organisations
Декември 2021 Publication European Works Councils: Challenges and solutions
Декември 2021 Publication Industrial Action Monitor: Collective labour disputes in the EU
Декември 2021 Publication Challenges and prospects in the EU: Work and employment in the digital age
Декември 2021 Publication Skills use and skills strategies in European establishments
Декември 2021 Publication COVID-19 and the impact on business continuity: Changes in workplace practices
Јануари 2022 Publication Tripartite social dialogue and policy formation: Measures to promote recovery in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis
Јануари 2022 Publication Impact of COVID-19 on the living conditions of older people and their care needs
Март 2022 Publication Platform work: Mechanisms and effectiveness of initiatives to tackle issues around work and employment
Април 2022 Publication Social dialogue and collective bargaining in hospitals and civil aviation during the Covid-19 pandemic
Мај 2022 Publication Social services in Europe: Adapting to a new reality
Мај 2022 Publication Telework in the EU: Regulatory frameworks and prevalence
Мај 2022 Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Civil aviation sector
Јуни 2022 Publication Developments in collective bargaining following the COVID-19 crisis
Јуни 2022 Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Textiles and clothing sector
Јули 2022 Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Gas sector
Јули 2022 Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Food and drinks sector
Јули 2022 Publication EWCS extraordinary edition 2021: Overview report
Јули 2022 Publication Place of work: Impact on job quality and the future of work
Јули 2022 Publication Trust and discontent in the age of COVID-19
Август 2022 Publication The impact of COVID-19 on multidimensional inequalities: Policy analysis
Август 2022 Publication Investigating the gender divide in the aftermath of COVID-19
Септември 2022 Publication Impact of change on work and employment in financial services
Октомври 2022 Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Electricity sector
Октомври 2022 Publication Living, working and COVID-19 e-survey report
Ноември 2022 Publication Explaining convergence: Geographical divide and impact of COVID-19
Декември 2022 Publication Human and ethical implications of digitisation and automation at the workplace