NYC Uber drivers are organizing - just don't call it a union

Uber and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers union jointly announced the formation of the association for New York City drivers in October 2016. Under a five-year agreement, The Independent Drivers Guild will represent the city's 35,000 or so Uber drivers, who do not need to do anything to formally join. The guild will operate as an affiliate of the union, which will represent drivers in meetings with Uber, most notably when drivers appeal Uber's decision to deactivate them. But the guild falls short of full union status itself. Guild members won’t be able to negotiate matters like pay, paid time off, health insurance, or workers’ compensation. But the affiliation does come with some perks. Through the Guild, Uber drivers will be able to access discounted legal services, life and disability insurance, education courses, and roadside assistance, as well as an online hub of driver assistance resources.

Alba, D. (2016), 'NYC Uber drivers are organizing - just don't call it a union,' Wired, 5 Oct.


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  • 2016
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